Welcome to "MBA" the Minnesota Barefooters' Association
Minnesota Barefooters' Association is a group of fun loving people that explore the adventures of barefoot water skiing. We focus on promoting and organizing three event barefoot water skiing tournaments.
The American Barefoot Club is dedicated to barefoot water skiing in the United States
2020 World Barefoot Water Skiing Tournament
2020 IWWF World Barefoot Water Skiing Championships 11-18 April 2020 
Liverpool Sydney Australia
IWWF World Barefoot Water Ski Championships
Bulletin #1 provides many details
Super Girl Showdown, Chicks Fest brings together powerful women from around the world

View article written by Alex Youngblood & Lexi McCauley at the following at the American Barefoot Club's website

USA Barefoot Team Promotion Video
Consider contributing to the USA Team
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